GRE Subject in Histopathology at IBMS KMU

Those enrolled PhD scholars of histopathology, who have yet to clear GRE subject, that GRE subject for PhD Histopathology will be held on 16th May, 2017 at IBMS-KMU. The exam paper will comprise of 100 MCQs (70 Subject, 15 English, 15 Analytical) with 2 hours duration and 70% passing marks.

Clearance of the said exam is mandatory for proceeding to PhD degree per HEC rules and regulations. The candidates should deposit an amount of Rs 5000/- as examination fee in Account No. 1450-8, National Bank of Pakistan, Hayatabad Township-Br: (1759) Peshawar, in favor of Khyber Medical University on or before 15th May, 2017 and submit a copy of the reciept to Anwar Khan (Computer Operator IBMS-KMU)